Monday, May 10, 2010

t-ball + petti-skirts = perfection

petti skirts and t-ball go together like peanut butter and jelly. well, at least according to our perfect little t-ball team with the adorable group of sisters that cheerlead and wait ever so patiently for their snack at the end of the game. hey, being a t-ball sissy is a hard job, but somebody has got to do it. so we recruited these three cutie pies to do just that. to be perfect little sisters while their big brothers entertain the rest of the parents watching the game. dressed to the nine,,, here are our jaxx baby sisters,,,
this is some serious perfection,,,
yes, sadly, outta these three beauties, mine has to be the one working the pole.
i mean really?? the pole?? why God, why me??
finally,,, one without the pole,,,
and then, again, the t-ball man himself,,,,
how about a close up?? too close?? no way,,,
thank you for the visit,,, B-)
love, ally


Rockwell5 said...

Perfection is right!

Candy Shoppe Designs said...

I agree! T-ball + Petti skirts = perfection and how cute are these pictures?!

Sweet Escape said...

im laughing so hard right now,,,freaking sofia!!!...she's hillarious!!!:-))


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