Tuesday, May 25, 2010

happy birthday to the dude!!!!!

this little man is the spring in my step. he is absolutely perfect in every way {except when he tattle tales on his sister, but they do it to each other},,, im so lucky that this little man calls me mama. today is his birthday, and although i already made a post about it on my other blog, how could i skip the *mother of the year* blog as well,,, ;-), plus i wanna post a ton of photos of him. because hes perfect,,,, ;-)
sorry, i dont think mamas know limits when it comes to what photo of their children to share. {and this is less than a years worth of photos} i didnt feel the need to narrow it down. :-) today, im bringing cupcakes to the class, staying all day to help out and from there we are headed to disneyland!!! yip-peeeee!!! itll be fun!!!! hes got a party on the 5th, nacho libre theme ~ he picked,,, so all in all, i think turing five will be an amazing little adventure that my little dude will remember for years to come,,,,
love, mama


Sarah Mullanix said...

what a cutie...Happy 5th Birthday!!

Rockwell5 said...

LovE those pictures!!! And...I must have missed you at Disneyland...we'll hve to plan a date!!


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