Wednesday, February 24, 2010

t-ball practice

my little man, there is the bright blue,,, and mr ez up to practice batting,,,
i love the sissy pictures ~ shes such a trooper,,,
and one of the dudes number one fans {hes got a few number one fans},,,,
and she always wants to drink outta his water bottle,,,
when he isnt looking,,, ;-)
hes so stoked about betting,,, finally getting his turn,,,, :-)
love, ally

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i feel so official,,,

ive got a grab button ~ thanks to miss d {who has done all our blog headers} for pulling through again,,,, love my blog header and love this grab button,,, please grab it and share it on your blog!!! its so cute, how can you not?!?!? the html code action is on the left hand side,,,
we had another t-ball practice today,,, so excited,,, i took some fun photos so ill be sharing those very soon,,,,
love, ally

Thursday, February 18, 2010

wild animal park action

the dude has had this week off of school ~ presidents week. really?? isnt is presidents day?? ahh,, i dont really mind. i love a lazy week here and there hanging with my monkeys,,, yesterday we went to the wild animal park with my friend {who is also daniels pre-school teacher} and some of her family. it was perfect. great weather, great company. i love days like this,,,
miss sofia covering the walls in the discovery station with her art work,,
awww,,,, check out this three day old baby elephant,,, i want one so badly!!! he was born on valentines day,,, awwwww,,,, precious,,,
*this is my best deer,,, mama, can i take him home??*
weve never does this before, didnt know it existed here,,, you buy a small cup of nectar and feed the birds. so cute, they come up and land on your arm and shoulder,,, anywhere. i thought the dude would freak out, but he was good to go!!! sofia didnt wanna get involved,,, she was a good little on looker though,,, and yeah, one of those little turds crapped on my foot. man,,, i had to was it off in the sink outside the enclosure,,,
and then a little cooling off,,, running around in the water,, good thing i brought a back pack with all the extras,,, ;-) mother of the year,,, strikes again!!!! ;-)))
it was a perfect day,,,

serrato family photo shoot ~ 2009

here are the shots from our 2009 photo shoot ~ yes, taken at an actual carnival,,, we just pretend like we own the joint and nobody bothers us,,, ;-) {again, dont know whats up with these lame underlines,,, they totally bug and i cant get rid of em},,,, here is the link to our photographer,,, shes rad,,,
love, ally

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