Thursday, February 18, 2010

serrato family photo shoot ~ 2009

here are the shots from our 2009 photo shoot ~ yes, taken at an actual carnival,,, we just pretend like we own the joint and nobody bothers us,,, ;-) {again, dont know whats up with these lame underlines,,, they totally bug and i cant get rid of em},,,, here is the link to our photographer,,, shes rad,,,
love, ally


Lynnette Davis said...

I SO wish I could take my family photos at a carnival like this....this is SO original! BUT I've never seen a carnival here yet. Plus, my husband isn't here so we don't have the whole family either. Darnit!

Kat said...

wow!! amazing photos! you have such a beautiful family....and your doggy is adorable!!!

Alysse said...

LOOOOOve the little doggy. What fantastic family photos!

Mo said...

oh how i looooove these charming photos! what a beautiful family you have!


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