Wednesday, February 24, 2010

t-ball practice

my little man, there is the bright blue,,, and mr ez up to practice batting,,,
i love the sissy pictures ~ shes such a trooper,,,
and one of the dudes number one fans {hes got a few number one fans},,,,
and she always wants to drink outta his water bottle,,,
when he isnt looking,,, ;-)
hes so stoked about betting,,, finally getting his turn,,,, :-)
love, ally


Rockwell5 said...

Go boys! They are so cute out there!

allyson joy said...

seriously rayann ~ theyre perfect!!! soooooo happy to be on the team with the you guys again!!!! its perfect this way!!!!!!

Sweet Escape said...

daniel looks so freaking cute and rad out there!!!...i love how cute they all looked in their uniforms!!!...I wanna see one of his games one of these days!!! i bet they look so cute playing!!!


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