Wednesday, March 17, 2010

lucky, the pirate lizard

i remember when i was a youngster, we lived in fallbrook for a bit,,, it was cool, similar to where we live now, country {ish}. we would always find a love for the life roaming around. my older brother and i would catch lizards, what seemed like, everyday of my life in that house. its was always a good time. wed keep em for the day, in a bucket, and let the little guys loose by the days end. i did keep one. once. its was a mellow little guy. anyway, catching lizards is sorta a found memory of mine, and brings back great memories. fuzzy guys,,,
today when i rolled in from picking the dude up from school, the kiddos went straight to the back yard to build their *pirate ship* as they so often do on awesome days such as today. the weather is beautiful. buttttt,,, i have to admit, i, scratch that, we, adore the rain around here. were farmers, so, of course we do. although ive always loved the gloomy, cold, rainy, cozy weather. anyway, focus ally, focus,,, today, when the pool guy came to clean the pool, there was a big ol lizard on the tile inside the pool {not, like, in the water, it was on the jacuzzi tile}. i was so proud of my little man, he went straight down and grabbed that lizard like hes done it a thousand times. now, if you know my little man, hes quite the cautious little guy, much like hes daddy,,, so you gotta understand how very proud i was when i saw him, fearless, go in straight for that lizard, snatch it up and hang on to him for some time. of course, the kids wanted to keep him, you know, in our home and all. yeah, thats not happening, but still, for some reason, i love this little afternoon and this cute story. they named him the *pirate lizard*, and im the *mama pirate*,,, good things,,,
no, hes not dead,,, the dude was showing me his belly, the colors of blue and yellow.
although, im sure the pirate lizard wanted us to believe that he was, in fact a goner,,,
love, ally

Monday, March 8, 2010

opening day!!!

yay!!! t-ball has begun!!! let the good times roll!!! we had a great opening day saturday,,, rain and all,,, didnt slow us jaxx down,,, and yes, helps that we have a rad team & rad parents!!!
im stoked,,,
here are a ton of pictures,,, i cant narrow it down,,
i love em all,,, ;-)
i gotta admit, my girl has taste when it comes to boys. here she is,,, on her first *date*,,, sorta,,, mr ez wanted to buy her a sucker,,, i had to document this moment,,, its precious,,, ez was on the dudes soccer team and now theyre on the same t-ball team. like i said,,, i approve,,, ;-) cute little first date jitters,,,,
i love how shes looking at him here,,,
and here it is,,,, the very first of many t-ball games,,, so precious,,,,

the dude got the first home run of the season!!! awwww yeah!!! its the t-ball rules!!! he ran around the bases at lighting speed,,, ahem, ahem,, alright,,, it was hilarious how slllloooooowww he took those bases,,, he almost got lapped the second time around!!! ;-) hes so perfect!!!
and because im mother of the year, and the team mom, i get a hat too. cute, right?? but if you know me, you know i gotta switch it up a tad,,, just to make it super girly. :-) i just threw the bow i had in my hair on the back,,, just for fun :-)
its out first season, but its gonna be a good one. i know it.
love, ally

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