Monday, March 8, 2010

opening day!!!

yay!!! t-ball has begun!!! let the good times roll!!! we had a great opening day saturday,,, rain and all,,, didnt slow us jaxx down,,, and yes, helps that we have a rad team & rad parents!!!
im stoked,,,
here are a ton of pictures,,, i cant narrow it down,,
i love em all,,, ;-)
i gotta admit, my girl has taste when it comes to boys. here she is,,, on her first *date*,,, sorta,,, mr ez wanted to buy her a sucker,,, i had to document this moment,,, its precious,,, ez was on the dudes soccer team and now theyre on the same t-ball team. like i said,,, i approve,,, ;-) cute little first date jitters,,,,
i love how shes looking at him here,,,
and here it is,,,, the very first of many t-ball games,,, so precious,,,,

the dude got the first home run of the season!!! awwww yeah!!! its the t-ball rules!!! he ran around the bases at lighting speed,,, ahem, ahem,, alright,,, it was hilarious how slllloooooowww he took those bases,,, he almost got lapped the second time around!!! ;-) hes so perfect!!!
and because im mother of the year, and the team mom, i get a hat too. cute, right?? but if you know me, you know i gotta switch it up a tad,,, just to make it super girly. :-) i just threw the bow i had in my hair on the back,,, just for fun :-)
its out first season, but its gonna be a good one. i know it.
love, ally


lizzie said...

hey... thier team name is the name of my lil belly fruit! jax! hahahahaaa
looks like alot of fun girlie!!

Sweet Escape said...

they all look soo darn cute!!!...i love how they look in their uniforms!...yay for daniel on hitting the home run!!..atta boy!!!...and cute sofia..on her date!!..he's so sweet to her!!!

Rockwell5 said...

Love it! :)

Emily said...

OMG, I totally love all of the pictures Ally! I can't wait until Austin starts this year!!! Your little man is too cute.

And the date.... OMG, she is going to just love it when you bring those out on her wedding day. And you know you will!! I sense a scrapbook layout for sure out of those. He let her pick what kind of sucker she wanted right? He didn't try to chose for her.... if he did, that would bother me... LOL, listen to me, you have me checking up on the little boys going on dates with YOUR daughter!! Ahhhh... I guess practice for my own girl.

I'll stop.... loved seeing the pictures!!

Heidi said...

ok, woman! you beat me. i thought I took A LOT of pictures. wow! LOVE THIS!!! you are SERIOUS paparazzi! we had a great time with coach-pitch baseball but now we're on to basketball. we'll see...first game is this saturday.


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