Tuesday, July 13, 2010

sea world with my angels,,,

sea world, its a popular hot spot for me and my kiddos,,, we do a lot of dates there, the three of us. last friday the kids and i headed out and had a great, perfect day,,, that was, at least, i thought it was till my car got broken into and my favorite wallet was stolen, {which you may know if were pals on facebook} so lame, such a bummer,,, {sad face},,, buttttt,,, like my moms cousin pointed out, at least i had my treasures with me ~ and i did. and we were safe. nothing else matters, the rest is nothing but *things*. the day was perfect,,,
we watched fun shows,,,
we love feeing the bat rays,,,
a little slide action for them?? yes, please,,,
a little jumping action,,,
oh my,,, climbing the ropes was so rad!!! i loved it,,,
good thing because we did it over, and over and over,,,,
watching *believe*,,,
needless to say, they slept great that night,,
they fell asleep on the way home comfy cozy in their jammies,,,,
love, ally cakes

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