Sunday, April 18, 2010

i turned to bates nut farm for some peace,,,

hi. here i am,,, forgive me for neglecting this sweet & precious blog of mine,,,, life. huh?? so, im jumping on real cat like, just to give you a little taste,,, i need to totally post pictures from the perfect spring break we had,, you know, like weeks ago,,, i hope, i hope i get around to doing so before its too late,,, you know, like before S turns 4 and D turns 5!!! wish me luck on that one,,, anyway, last week was a toughie for me,,, me had to put our pup down,,, {not sir hank a lot}, chewy,,, our chow we had had for seven years. i was pretty bummed,,, so, when stuff like that goes on,, i love to do something,,, anything,,, and although i gotta admit, we do *stuff* often,,, rough days require major distractions, no questions asked. i didnt wanna put him down. i dont think it was the right thing to do,,, but my opinion got over ruled,,, :'-( so, it was off to bates, with five bucks for some candies and goat feed we go,,, and of course hank and maks {my mother in laws bulldog that we were puppy sitting} tagged along,,, these are not the greatest pictures,,, i guess my heart wasnt in it at that particular moment,,, im doing better now,,, whats done is done,,, but i still gotta share,,, get if off my chest,,, so thanks for being here for me,,, :-)
i love the salt water taffy,,,, the pink with red is my fav, i think its cinnamon,,, bates has the very best cinnamon bears dipped in chocolate,, yummm,,, but im trying to stay away from chocolate right now,, so i didnt even buy a bag to console woes away,,, ;-)
she cant get her bag open,,, well, she did eventually get it open because she wouldnt let me help her,,, she ripped that baby right open, top to bottom, and spilled feed all over the grass,,, good thing i stocked up on those babies,,,,, ;-)
it was a sweet day, just me, my kiddos and two crazy pups,,, {that kept fighting,,, the pups, not the kids},,,
love, ally


susan1258 said...

Awww, I missed you like crazy, happy you're back!

Heidi said...

I'm so sorry about your pup. Mine are full-fledged members of the family and I can't imagine life without them. It's so unfair they can't be with us longer.

Looks like you guys had a great day! I remember Bates Nut Farm! I've been there! The weather looks beautiful! And is THAT Hank??!!! He's HUGE! I guess, duh! But the last pic I remember of him he was a little dude.

Hugs, girl!!

NVS Girls said...

Hands down, your kiddos are the most picture perfect pair ever!

NVS Girls said...

LOL forgot to log off the other account. :-) You know who this is though.


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